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Crimsafe® doors for your home are available in standard frames, colonial-style to house cast panels. They can be hinged or sliding. You can see examples of all these door types in our photo gallery. All of our doors feature the unique Crimsafe screw-clampTM system… tamper-resistant screws go through a metal clamp, then through the Tensile Tuff ® Security mesh and then they grip right into the frame, to hold the mesh from being kicked out. Crimsafe Doors are the only security system to feature the unique screw-clampTM design, which gives them enough strength to resist a determined intruder. These are the specific features and benefits of Crimsafe Doors.​3-Point Locking All our hinged and sliding doors come with 3 point parrot beak locks, locking the top, bottom and middle of your door. The most secure locking system in the industry. 3-Point Hinging 3 hinges and 4 hinges on taller doors gives the door greater strength and make it much harder to gain entry through the door. Screw-Clamped Only Crimsafe clamps 304 Tensile Tuff Security Mesh between 2 serrated pieces of metal, then drives a s screw right through both mesh and frame to ensure a vice-like grip…and beat burglars. Tamper-Resistant Exclusive to Crimsafe. Screws can only be applied or removed by a tool registered with Cr Screws the integrity of your security system. Custom Built Means a perfectly fitted job. Product can be made out of square to fit the shape of your door. Enhanced Lifestyle Crimsafe provides unhindered views, keeps out mosquitoes, and lets you keep a cool, safe house in Summer. Blocks Out over Means a longer life for interior furnishings. 50% of UV Rays Blocks Heat Transfer Improves the Energy Rating of glass doors and keeps home cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter.​Guaranteed for We will replace faulty materials or workmanship up to 10 years from the date of purchase. 10 years

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Crimsafe® is the pioneer and worldwide leader in stainless steel security mesh door and window screens.